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The Fountain of Youth and You

The Fountain of Youth and you - By Sabatino Verlezza If the Fountain of Youth really did exist, someone surely would have found it by now. Explorers and adventurers have searched all over the world for thousands of years and nothing has sprung up. The famous myth suggests that if you drink from the elusive and mysterious fountain, you will forever retain your youthful vitality or stop aging altogether. For thousands of years, humans have sought to find, bathe in, and drink from this legendary and curative spring. As we all “get on” in years, staying young seems to be an inevitable quest. But maybe it doesn’t need to be. Perhaps, we don’t need to travel to far-away places, conjure up spirits, or mix questionable potions to sustain our youth. We may not need to find that special spring to put a spring in our step. The quest can end right now. In truth, the quest need not be quested at all. And to be clear, t here are no strings attached to this sudden course change. To follow this new pa