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If You're Gonna Sit Around...

If You’re Gonna Sit Around . . .                                              - by Sabatino Verlezza 6 Hairy Legs Getting started is the most difficult thing to do. Sitting around too long seems to make you feel more tired. But you can experience the best of both worlds, sitting and being active by taking a workout class in a chair.  So, if you are gonna sit around, sit around with purpose, improve your health, feel more energized and try a chair class. Here are some of the benefits of a Chair Class - A seated workout can be more productive because you don’t have to worry about the interruptions of losing your balance. A Chair Class can reduce back pain because the Lower Back is in a more released position as you bring more focus to the abdominal areas. An optimum and safe workout is what we’re all looking for. A secure seated position can address flexibility, strength and cardio, therefore it can be a full-body fitness session. One does not need m