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The Pursuit of Alignment

The Pursuit of Alignment                                                                     January 2020 When our lives are in alignment it usually means that the different aspects of our lives are, in-sync, ranging from a perfect storm to balance in Nature, the syzygy of things. In fact, for anything to work well or to its highest capacity, it must be in the most aligned order possible. In this article, we will take a look at the importance of physical alignment of the dog, and the dog’s best friend, the person.  Alignment can be fleeting or short-lived so it is best if we can participate in the pursuit of that ephemeral symmetry while at the same time, nurture it. Human Alignment: Like most things in life, we're always looking for some kind of balance. It is challenging to find ways of releasing stress, eating well, working out, and being mindful while navigating all the ups and downs of life. And yet, ‘balance' is not necessarily a location, a place, or a fixed point – it

The Dancer and The Dog Trainer - 6 Hairy Legs

The Dancer and The Dog Trainer 6 Hairy Legs By Suzanne Kalafian The Dog Trainer What an unlikely pair people say!    Maybe they are right. But, some of the most unlikely happenings lead to the greatest discoveries. My name is Suzanne and you guessed it, I am a Dog Trainer.    I know some of you may think that it’s easy to be a Dog Trainer.    What I can tell you is that when you are dealing with a different species there is a lot to learn and it is fascinating to boot.    I jumped in with two feet, wanting to know it all.    Here I am 20 some years later working with a Choreographer/Dancer in an unlikely business endeavor we call 6 Hairy Legs.    Bringing together two species through the connection of (to use a cliché) Mind, Body and Soul add Love and you have 6 Hairy Legs. Sometimes, only four legs are hairy, but no judgment! The field of Dog Training varies greatly and within this field, there are special places where the magic happens. That is what 6 Hairy Legs is all about. This is