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The Red Poppy, To Honor and Remember

The Red Poppy To Honor and Remember By Suzanne Kalafian Although the red poppy is native to Europe and Asia, the bright red blooms can also be found in the US in meadows and wildflower groupings around the country. These beautiful red flowers may appear fragile but their resilience is great. Despite the beautiful blooms, some consider these plants a weed because of their willingness to thrive in unlikely conditions.* World War I gave the red poppy new meaning. It has become a symbol, a remembrance to honor the fallen soldiers.  These brilliant red flowers are survivors and burst through the rough ground on the battlefields to remind us of hope and brighter days, when all was so desperate.** In the United States, on and around Memorial Day, these significant red flowers can be seen on lapels, hats, crosses and memorials. They are worn to honor all the men and women who died fighting for our country. This Memorial weekend let's remember all the Fallen Heroes who gave their lives to k